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Much Ado About Nothing – Sued by Satan

Much Ado About Nothing November 8, 2018

Much Ado by Jean Ciampi

You think you’re having a bad day? Netflix is getting sued by Satan. Feel better, don’t you? So maybe Netflix isn’t getting sued by Satan himself as Satan probably has more important things to do like breed strife, plant cilantro, and steal souls to the fiery pits of Hell. But Netflix’s popular series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is getting sued by The Satanic Temple for copyright infringement. It seems the followers of the Dark Lord are fired up over a statue on the show that looks too much like their Baphomet statue. Oh yes, this should get interesting.

The Satanic Temple, a religious organization that believes “Satan is symbolic of the Eternal Rebel” (according to their website’s Frequently Asked Questions – although admittedly, I don’t ask a lot of questions about The Satanic Temple and will probably clear my computer’s search history now), is usually in the press for wanting to put giant Baphomet statues up on state capitol grounds or staging pro-abortion rallies. They also set themselves up as the public relations folks for Satanists everywhere, which, wow! That has to be a job to try to put a positive spin on that!

So the Temple is upset that on the show Baphomet is portrayed as an idol of the evil “Church of Night” where blood rites and cannibalism are a thing, and they don’t want that to tarnish the image of their organization. As if worshipping Satan, the universal poster boy for all things wicked, destructive and bad, isn’t going to do that on its own? Perhaps this is a case of bad press is better than no press. In their defense, however, after they had the statue commissioned, they did file a protective copyright on it and all images of it. So regardless of how ridiculous, I guess they have that.

As for Netflix, I hate to point out the old adage about lying down with dogs and waking up with fleas. Maybe they needed to just create their own image of Satan instead of appropriating this one. Being in Hollywood, I wouldn’t think they’d have to look very far for a few ideas for that.

Honestly, I’ve never even watched the show. And now, I’ll for sure never watch the show. For that matter, I may just keep the tv off all together and read a dadgum book!


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